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#1 Van Life

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#1 Van Life

March 22, 2023 21:21:01 | Category :

#1 Van Life 

Kim & Lotta (Germany)

We are Kim & Lotta from Germany. We feel home in the nature, love to wake up with the sound of the sea and love to live a simple life with daily adventures.

Our Van story starts with an incredible love story in summer 2019. We met each other at the airport in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It was a Blinddate!


We spend one month together in beautiful wild Canada. Camping, campfire, hiking, canoeing, fishing. We simply lived carefree! And this was the first time we thought about having a hammock.

We quickly decided to live our dream together: Build a campervan to travel around europe. Back at home in Germany 2020 was our “Van Conversion Year”. We worked everyday for our dream of an own campervan. In December finally our fulltime Van life started. First goal: overwinter in Portugal. Kims christmas present for me was a Ticket to the Moon hammock


Kims christmas present for me was a Ticket to the Moon hammock. Since this day the hammock is our daily travel buddy... For relaxing after a boulder session, for lazy sundays at the beach or to have a cozy seat for the first coffee in the morning. Meanwhile we are in spain and don’t want to miss our gorgeous green Ticket to the Moon Hammock


We don’t know what is our next stop... be curious and come on the journey with us.


Kim & Lotta

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